Our Process Focuses On Growth.

And this is how we do it.


Step 1: Talk



We’ll kick things off with a phone call to determine if we are meant to be. You tell us your challenges, goals, and budget. We determine if and how we can help you.

We will only work with you if we think we can drive real return on your investment with us through our strategies. No BS.



Step 2: Scope



We know your budget, and we know the basics of what you’re looking for when it comes to marketing your business.

Now it’s time for us to build out a brief scope that addresses your needs, our requirements, and provides you with a timeline and a firm quote to chew on. We need to agree on what resources (developers, writers, etc.) will be required and who will provide them.

Once you approve the quote and we virtually high five one another, we’ll add the quote to a contract for signature. Depending on the work, we may need initial payment to get started.


Step 3: Research


seo audit

We’re off and running.

We need data and information to develop the best strategy for your business. Depending on the type of work, we will provide you with a digital questionnaire that contains questions about your business, your customers, and your competitors. If you want to see an example of the basic questionnaire, check it out in the Client House.

We then start digging into the relevant and necessary data to execute the strategy with the best possible results.


Step 4: Strategy


Content Strategy and Link Building

Strategy time.

We need to develop a strategy based on our research and the information you’ve provided to us.

A Project Manager spreadsheet is built in Google Drive. This document serves as the playbook for our work together and includes strategic tasks and deadline dates for the duration of the campaign.

Did we mention you will be given total access to this document so you can see exactly what is going on? You will be given total access to the document so you can see exactly what’s going on.


Step 5: Work


web optimization

Time to make the doughnuts.

I use our agreed upon strategy and information gathered through research to get myself and my team to work. The specific work varies tremendously depending on if we’re doing a website audit, SEO, PPC, improving a funnel, or all of the above.

Rest assured, you will have complete transparency on what is being completed through our program manager spreadsheet in Google Drive.


Step 6: Test & Report


testing and reporting

Once our optimizations are in place, links are being built, paid ads are live, or conversion tests are running, it’s time to report on what’s happening and test everything, based on results.

Your mileage may vary depending on your type of business, how much traffic you receive, and the specific type of work we’re doing. Just keep in mind that tracking and reporting are VITAL to our success together.

In fact, it never ends.

Who Does What?

The question I get asked most frequently when it comes to my marketing process is, “Who does what?”. It is hard for me to answer that question without first knowing what resources you have available. I’ve tried to clear things up below:


Website Development & Design

Often my marketing recommendations require website development or design work. Changing layouts, creating landing pages, implementing redirects, improving page speed; there is a wide range of possible tasks.

When it comes to executing this work, I prefer to utilize your development team and provide consulting so that changes are made correctly. They know the site best, and it helps avoid headaches.

If, however, you do not have a developer or website manager, we will need to discuss this in the strategy phase to determine any additional costs required to utilize my developers. Please note that I prefer to work only with established website platforms such as:

  • Content Management Systems: WordPress (our favorite!), Joomla, Drupal, SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix (Fair Warning: We’ll recommend you change)
  • Ecommerce Platforms: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3D Cart, ZenCart


Content Creation

Many recommendations in our audits, SEO work, and funnel improvement analyses concern content creation or modification. Similar to development work, we prefer to consult with your own content creators (bloggers, writers, designers, etc.) and have them actually execute.

Of course, if you do not currently have the time or the staff to tackle content work, we should discuss additional costs and requirements so that I can put together the appropriate team to create content.


If you made it this far, you’re bound to have questions.