Local Audits

What Is A Local Audit?

A Local Audit is an in-depth analysis of your local listings profile and your website’s ability to rank in local search results.

If your business has a brick and mortar location (or locations) with an actual physical address, you can (and should) rank in both organic and local search results.

You may notice that we refer to “local search results” and “organic search results” as separate types of results. This is because there are separate algorithms for each. Thus, the rules for local results don’t always apply to organic results, and vice versa. A better way to think about it is there is Google Local search engine, and a Google Organic search engine.

Still wondering about the difference between local and organic results? This image of search results for “pasadena bbq restaurant” might help:

local and organic results image

When performing a Local Audit, we evaluate at the following:

  • Local Listings
    • Missing
    • Incomplete
    • Innacurate
    • Duplicate
    • Inconsistent
    • Unverified
  • Google My Business Listing Quality
  • Bing Places Listing Quality
  • Yelp Listing Quality
  • Website Location Page(s)
  • Local Site Neighborhood
  • Missing Favicon
  • Local Content On Your Site

Why Do You Need A Local Audit?

In a nutshell: To make sure you leveraging your local business presence as much as possible to drive local traffic and revenue.

If your business has a physical address that relies on customers knowing you exist and then finding you, you need to appear prominently in search results when people search locally. Otherwise you may as well not have a physical business presence at all.

If increased exposure for local search traffic and revenue isn’t enough to convince you, consider that your competitors are likely dominating local results right now, and thus taking more local business from you in the process.

Lastly, the local search space is a convoluted one, with exasperating procedures and few standards to abide by. As such, you can create quite a mess of your local listings without a helping hand.


How Does A Local Audit Work?

You get three deliverables with your Local Audit: The Audit Findings Document, Action Plan, and consulting time. A bit more on each below.

1. The Audit Findings Document

The actual audit findings are presented to you in a PDF document that provides the following information for each data point we audit:

  • Explanation of the area analyzed (What the heck are we auditing and why is it important?)
  • Issues found
  • Examples of issues from your website and local listings profile
  • Recommended solutions

2. The Action Plan

Along with the findings document is the Action Plan. This document guides our included recovery consulting time (4 hours). The plan contains steps for getting your website up to snuff from a local perspective, and making your local listings shine.

3. Consulting

Should you decide to move forward with us on the Action Plan, Brian can be available for ongoing consulting to help with implementation of our recommendations. With his background in SEO and local listings, and his team management and training experience, we are well-equipped to help with the total process.


How Long Does A Local Audit Take?

Our Local Audits typically take around 3-4 weeks maximum.

Local Audit Pricing

Based On # Of Locations

1-50 Locations: $2,000

50-100 Locations: $4,000

100+ Locations: Please contact us.

All prices include 2 hours consulting time.

All Set?

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