Our 5-phase SEO process

We’re going to walk you through how we create real organic growth.


1. Discover

1. Current Performance Analysis: We create a custom report that pulls data from your Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEMRush and gives us a roadmap to get us started on your SEO strategy. 

2. Competitive Analysis: A thorough analysis of your competitor performance and industry landscape give us a clearer picture of our best keyword and content targets to go after.

3. Kickoff: We share all of the analyses with you and ask some additional questions to help fill in the gaps, identify opportunities, and agree on goal targets.

  • Client/Industry Research 60% 60%
  • Competitive Analysis 25% 25%
  • Client Involvement 15% 15%

Month of Campaign

Days To Complete

2. Improve

1. SEO Audit: We crawl through your website to identify technical issues preventing performance. Then we provide a breakdown of how to fix those issues.

2. Keyword Research: Using the data gathered in Phase 1, we identify primary and secondary keywords you already rank for that could use improvement.

3. Website Quality Audit: An evaluation of the overall quality of your website’s structure, authority, and content. We provide specific actions to help improve it.

4.On-Page Improvements: Using the keyword research and quality audit data, we provide a set of on-page recommendations that will improve the key pages on your website.

  • SEO 60% 60%
  • Web Development 20% 20%
  • Content 20% 20%

Month of Campaign

Days To Complete

3. Build

1. Audit Adjustments: We work with you to get our Technical and Quality Audits implemented with your team.

2. Keyword Opportunity: The Phase 2 Keyword Research identified keywords you currently ranked for. The Phase 3 keyword work focuses on new keyword opportunities and identifies content and pages that need to be created.

3. Content Strategy: Recommendations for new pages and content based on Keyword Opportunity research. We guide you through the creation to ensure it aligns with your goals.

4. Conversion Improvement: Are your potential customers able to become real customers easily through your website? We will find out.

  • SEO 45% 45%
  • Content 45% 45%
  • Web Development 10% 10%

Month of Campaign

Days To Complete


4. Promote

1. Content Development/Creation: We work with you to create our recommended content, utilizing your team or, if you wish, our own.

2. Link Research (Optional): Our team analyzes your website and competitors to understand the types of sites you need placements on. We then build a massive prospecting list of link targets we’ll contact over the life of your campaign.

3. Link Outreach (Optional): Using a number of link outreach tactics, we send pitches to relevant sites for inclusion of a link back to yours. We meticulously manage a number of email accounts to make sure pitches are well received.

  • SEO 50% 50%
  • Content 50% 50%

Month of Campaign

Days To Complete

5. Analyze

1. Measurement: In the beginning we ensured everything that matters was being tracked through various analytics tools, Google Search Console, click tracking, A/B testing, and more.

2. Analysis: It’s time to take all of that data and see what it tells us. What new questions do we have? What conclusions can we come to? What worked? What needs adjustment?

3. Reporting: We share all of the above with you in an interactive report that we review on a monthly basis.

4. Adjust: We take our learnings and apply them in the form of small tweaks or major changes.

  • SEO 90% 90%
  • Client Involvement 10% 10%

Month of Campaign

Days To Complete

Our process creates real results

The screenshots below illustrate the organic traffic increases and increased visibility we have been able to drive for our clients.

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