Brutal search marketing audits delivered in a friendly, actionable format.

Help your website earn the traffic and revenue you want by letting me ruthlessly evaluate it.


SEO Audits

100% handcrafted. Nothing automated. Covering 200+ areas, our SEO audits are detailed, actionable, and actually fun to read, which is good because they can sometimes be longer than a Stephen King novel.

Backlink Audits

Our Backlink Audits find spammy and unnatural link issues that may put you at risk from escaped Penguins and other Google animals. They also uncover solid backlink opportunities to maximize your traffic potential.

Google Analytics Audits

Is Google Analytics properly set up on your site? Tag Manager? AdWords and Facebook conversion pixels? Let our Analytics Audit identify issues and turn your tracking into something the NSA would envy.

Local Audits

If you run a local business and your listings aren't in order, you may as well be located on Mars. Our Local Audits will identify missing, inconsistent, and duplicate listings and help clean them up.



Just an FYI that many of our audits are done under the influence of BBQ. We can't stop cooking and eating it. We have 300 days of sunshine in California, so please don't hold it against us.

Our Audits Drive Results

Brian Warner, Owner,

We have reached out to Brian at House of Search on a number of occasions since 2011 for full-scale SEO¬†audits (our site has 2mm+ pages) and periodic SEO consulting. I am always impressed by the thoroughness of his work and his patience in answering questions.’s organic search performance has definitely benefited from House of Search.


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