An SEO Audit Case Study

The Challenge

I knew Brian Warner, owner of the very popular, from my time doing SEO work for Break Media. After being live for over a year, CNW organic search traffic had plateaued after an initial period of growth. With over 1 million pages and thousands being added every month, organic growth should have been on a steady upward trend. However, technical issues and the onset of the Panda algorithm updates were having a negative impact on the site’s performance.

Our Solution

Website Audits. Audits help us to identify issues (both technical and common) with the site that may be preventing it from performing in organic search, along with recommendations to help alleviate those issues. We performed two large-scale 1 million+ page website audits for between 2011 and 2015. We also provided SEO consulting over that four-year period. For the website audits, we analyzed more than 200 checkpoints to discover issues and opportunities, all in an effort to boost their organic rankings and traffic and help address traffic drops due to Panda algo updates.

Over 200 Website Audit Checkpoints

Hundreds of Issues Identified and Repaired

Full Panda Recovery


Organic Traffic Increase


Organic Traffic Recovery Post-Panda

Months for Post-Panda Recovery

Happy Client

From the Client…

We have reached out to Brian at House of Search on a number of occasions since 2011 for full-scale website audits (our site has 2mm+ pages) and periodic SEO consulting. I am always impressed by the thoroughness of his work and his patience in answering questions.’s organic search performance has definitely benefited from House of Search.

Brian Warner


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